Institutional-Grade DeFi: A Shift Towards On-Chain Asset Management

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What will you learn?

In this report, we present a solution that enables institutional investors to launch fully regulated and compliant DeFi funds. With our turnkey solution, you can retain all the benefits of DeFi while ensuring institutional-grade compliance.

This combination of technology has the potential to reduce the total expense ratios of funds by 80%  and increase speed to market by 10x.

We take an in-depth look at:

approval-xxl Why 78% of institutional investors agree the collapse of CeFi entities has made them more likely to use DeFi
approval-xxl The innovations of on-chain asset management, including self-custody, elimination of counterparty risk and 24/7 transparency + reporting

How to use our institutional-grade DeFi stack to compliantly access on-chain investment opportunities

Transform Your Business

Learn how to take advantage of the operational and administrative innovations that on-chain investing brings.

DeFi Composability

Reduce Costs by 80%

Our asset management solutions reduce operational costs and automate administrative functions so you can save 80% on fund expenses.

On-Chain Index

10x Speed to Market

Speed up the fund creation process and launch a fully regulated DeFi fund in only 4 weeks (compared to 40 weeks in traditional financial services).

Real-World Assets

24/7 NAV Reporting

With live data pipelines from reliable on-chain sources, you can access 24/7 NAV reporting and generate real-time and historical reports.